Background Checks for Job Candidates

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Project Infomation

OfficeDrop scans paper documents into digital files. Its clients include hospitals that want to archive patient records and a minister with too many hand-written sermons. Prasad Thammineni started the company in 2007 and opened his doors to clients a year later.
Checking the backgrounds of job candidates to ensure that only trustworthy employees handle client documents (without violating candidate privacy or breaking the bank).
  • Client : Insight Studio
  • Date : 20 Feb, 2018
  • Skills : Project Planning

Challenge & Solution

The need to do background checks came up in the start-up phase, when participants in a focus group said they were nervous about entrusting strangers with private documents.
Candidate identity information
The first piece of the package is the Social Security number and address check, which confirms the candidate’s name and date of birth and also shows where he or she has lived.
Criminal record check
The criminal checks can get complicated because authorities keep records in a wide range of courts. Kroll suggested that Mr. Thammineni pull data from three sources.
Court record information
Kroll also recommended digging into federal court records that contain information about crimes committed across state lines and tried by federal courts for other reasons.

Our Process

Driving records came last. This check is crucial because employers can be liable for accidents that happen on company time. In addition, Ms. DeLoach said, the data can offer insights, flagging those who flout the law or abuse drugs or alcohol.
Improve sales & operations & production planning
Determine the right inventory level
Optimize the supply chain for perfect order planning
Improve sales & operations & production planning

Result Driven

OfficeDrop now pays $100 to $175 for every candidate, depending on how many states he or she has lived in. When Mr. Thammineni wants to hire a new employee, he enters the person’s name and Social Security number in OfficeDrop’s online Kroll account; in less than a week, he receives a seven- or eight-page report. (Credit:
Reduced lead time by 43%
Decreased variability by 50%
Lowered the risk of back-order by 95%
Increased stock for finished goods by 10%