Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Please send a pitch deck for your company using the format below, so we can have a better understanding of your business prior to your presentation:

1. The Problem: Explain the problem that your company/product/service is solving
(quantified in numbers) and the solution.

2. The Target Addressable Market: How big is the addressable market, and break it down to how big the segment you hope to focus on is.

3. The Business Model: How does the business run, how does the product work and what is the revenue model – how do you make money? What is the current traction and future product pipeline and revenue streams?.

4. Go to Market Strategy: How do you intend to acquire customers?

5. Competitive Landscape: Show a chart with the competitors in this space and what differentiates them from your competitors?

6. Forecasts: High level forecasts (can break down assumptions) and can include historicals if available – show growth story

7. Team: Background of the founders and senior management team – previous work experience, educational background, achievements, etc

8. Funding: How much have you raised so far, from who, what valuation and how was it spent? How much are you looking to raise, desired valuation and for what?

(You are encouraged to use charts, numbers, graphs and pictures as much as possible – they convey the message clearer and better than a wordy slide).

Send the pitch deck and any question you may have to pitches@risingtideafrica.com
Thank you