About Us


Rising Tide Africa functions as part of a Global movement of The Rising Tide Program for Africa. It constitutes a group of women angel investors harnessing their power, network, passion and capital to positively impact and actively create a New Africa.

Rising Tide Africa (RTA) is a unique, trans-border women-oriented investment program and funded by private investors who believe in bringing about positive change by investing in the continent’s exciting start-ups and next generation to create a New Africa.

Rising Tide Africa is powered by ARM Securities Limited and ARM Trustees Limited, both members of the ARM Group which have been leading investments in entrepreneurial ventures and are dedicated to bringing about a better Africa. In particular, ARM Securities has been bringing its financial advisory experience to help power “Rising Tide Africa” and also shares deal-flows on a case-by-case basis.

RTA is a leading and pre-eminent managed investment pool primarily focused on investments in digitally and technology-enabled companies. This brings a quantitative as well as qualitative return to improving the lives and lifestyles on the African continent, by, for example, providing access to health, education, energy, water, agriculture, commerce, transport, and several communications services and infrastructure. RTA is also actively involved in the promotion of investment literacy among women in Africa.

Rising Tide Africa is a preferred equity partner in Africa and a first mover in technology and digitally-enabled, early-stage technology investing in most parts of Africa. RTA pursues investment opportunities that have the potential to yield strong financial returns and significant social impact in Africa.